About Me

Pharmacist Connect is a hub for health information on medical topics such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and many others. Pharmacist Connect was created by a licensed and practicing pharmacist, Sergey Simonovich, in order to serve people by providing useful, relevant health information, useful medical products, and personal development to create a combination for success and health. Sergey believes that by combining personal development with relevant and useful health information, a person can become better equipped and more empowered to achieve their best health so far and a better version of themselves. This is achieved by connecting with a pharmacist through learning more about common medical conditions and taking better charge of one’s life. Sergey is on a mission to create a movement of millions of people where they take charge of their health by first taking charge of their mind. A bold mission? Absolutely! Possible? Of course, no doubt about it! Connect with me as we both make this happen and build a better version of ourselves in the process.

Sergey Simonovich, Pharm D.

Founder, Pharmacist Connect